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Brenner DR, Poirier AE, Woods RR, Ellison LF, Billette JM, Demers AA, Xinyu SX, Yao C, Finley C, Fitzgerald N, Saint-Jacques N, Shack L, Turner D, Holmes E, for the Canadian Cancer Statistics Advisory Committee. Projected estimates of cancer in Canada in 2022. CMAJ. 194(17):E601-E607.


Brenner DR, Weir H, Demers A, Shaw A, Jeglic S, Ellison L, Louzardo C, Dixon M, Woods S, Smith L. Projected Estimates of Cancer in Canada, 2020. CMAJ. 2020;192(9): E199-E205.


Heer E, Ruan Y, Boyne DJ, Jarada TN, Heng D, Henning JW, Morris DM, O'Sullivan DE, Cheung WY, Brenner DR. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer diagnoses, stage and survival in Alberta. CMAJ. 2023. 195(23):E804-E812.


Brenner DR, Carbonell C, O'Sullivan DE, Ruan Y, Basmadjian RB, Bu V, Farah E, Loewen SK, Bond TR, Estey A, Pujadas Botey A, Robson PJ. Exploring the Future of Cancer Impact in Alberta: Projections and Trends 2020-2040. Curr Oncol. 2023. 30(11):9981-9995.


Ruan Y, Heer E, Warkentin MT, Jarada TN, O'Sullivan DE, Hao D, Ezeife D, Cheung W, Brenner DR. The association between neighborhood-level income and cancer stage at diagnosis and survival in Alberta. Cancer. 2023. Epub ahead of print.


Kalyta A, Ruan Y, Telford JJ, De Vera MA, Peacock S, Brown C, Donnellan F, Gill S, Brenner DR, Loree JM. Association of Reducing the Recommended Colorectal Cancer Screening Age With Cancer Incidence, Mortality, and Costs in Canada Using OncoSim. JAMA Oncol. 2023. Epub ahead of print.


Brenner DR, O’Sullivan DE, Jarada T, Yusuf A, Boyne DJ, Mather C, Box A, Cheung WY, Mirza I. The impact of population-based EGFR testing in non-squamous metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in Alberta, Canada. Lung Cancer. 2023. 175:60-67.

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